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We hope to use this page to keep you updated as our practice grows and changes. Much like the development of your child, we hope to continue to grow and we hope you will keep up with future evolutions of the clinics and this site through upcoming posts. Healthcare is ever changing as well, and as new research is published that we think is important to share with you, it will be posted here.
Check back soon for more updates!

New Location : Mansoor Pediatrics Site # 2, 2226 Worley Dr., Alexandria, 561-0003

►Mansoor Pediatrics Saturday clinic is now open 8 am - 2:00 pm.

►Healthy Steps Pediatrics is now open for Sunday clinic from 8 am - 2:00pm

►We welcome our new provider: Kelly Horton NP, Mary Mazza NP & Dana Walker NP
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